About Our School
Since 1996, Steppin Out Dance Studio has been proudly providing dance classes to children of all ages in the Monroe, Pella, Grinnell, Prairie City, Otley, Knoxville, Reasnor, Sully, Lynnville, and Newton areas.

As a parent, we realize you have a choice between several different dance schools. Not all studios are the same. We constantly strive to provide our students and parents with the best experience possible. We offer a wide variety of dance styles to choose from, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, pointe, lyrical, contemporary, modern, jazz-pom, clogging, drill team prep, cheer, acrobatic dance, and tumbling. You can also join our award winning competition team.
Our Mission
To provide students of all ages with the skills they need to enjoy dance for a lifetime.
Dance Styles
Welcome to Steppin Out Dance Studio! We teach Fun, Educational, & Exciting Dance classes for all ages. We offer a very personalized classroom setting to get to know your child and make each one feel special! Our emphasis is on:
Your child's self confidence and self esteem are very important to us, therefore we place your child in the class that best fits them. We would love to share our excitement and knowledge of dance with you!! Steppin Out offers the following classes:
Ballet is the building block of dance! Steppin Out Dance Studio offers ballet training from beginner through advanced levels. An additional ballet technique class is available for serious students. All ballet classes are 30 minutes. Ages 3 & up.
Tap is an exciting way to make rhythms and beats come alive with our feet. Tap is available at a variety of levels and as a combo class with ballet and/or jazz. Ages 5 & up.
Jazz is the more upbeat funky kind of dance. We dance to all styles of music. Jazz is available in a combo class or as a separate class. Ages 5 & up.
Tumbling classes are available at a variety of levels from beginner through advanced. We mix the beauty of acrobatics with dance to come up with a program that focuses on tumbling technique, strength, flexibility, and balance as well as the coordination of dance. Ages 3 & up.
Jazz-Pom is available at a variety of levels. This is a way of blending the fun of Jazz with the sharpness of pom. Ages 6 & up.
Pointe is for the ballet student who wants to further their ballet interest. These students must have at least 3-4 years of ballet training. Dancers need to have strong feet and ankles. Each student must check with the director before registering for this class. Ages 12 & up.
Combination classes are for the student who wants to explore different styles of dance. We offer combos of Ballet, Tap & Jazz or a combination of Tap & Ballet, Jazz & Ballet, or Tap & Jazz. Ages 5 & up.
Hip Hop
This is a fun class that lets your children explore a new style of dance most often seen in music videos!! Ages 8 & up.
Drill Team Prep
Drill Team Prep is available to teens that are serious about making the High School Drill Team. Ages 12 & up.
Clogging is a high energy, exciting style of dance. You must have Tap experience in order to take this class. Ages 10 & up.